Leaving Poems, People Departing, Saying Farewell

Leaving Poems, Departing, saying farewell, bidding goodbye is just the ticket when you need to write for the occasion of goodbyeing to departing friends, for sending a card, making a speech or roasting or eulogy, posting on facebook, writing a letter or text, creating invitations or writing an article. Of course you want to write it right. Right? Right, well dig into our well of, not just poems limericks and verses but quotes, messages and sayings, as well.

If you look to the left you'll see the navigation buttons and the observant will spot that we have poems beyond the subjects of leaving and loss. Why? Well, visitors tell us that when they search for one type of poem they are happy to settle back and browse for poems for other occasions that are coming in the future. So, should that be you, pour yourself something nice and settle to check out the other sections

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Leaving Poems Verses Quotes
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Employee Leaving Farewell Message
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Goodbye Best Friend Poems
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Goodbye Co-Worker Poems
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Goodbye Mother Poems
Goodbye Mother Poems for leaving home and for illness and death.
Goodbye Dad Poems
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Goodbye Grandad Poems
Special Goodbye Grandad Poems for a very special grandad
Goodbye Grandma Poems
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Goodbye Sister Poems
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Goodbye Teacher Poems
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Leaving Home Poems
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Farewell Toasts Speeches
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Good Luck Poems
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Sympathy Verses
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In Loving Memory Poems
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Loss of Pet Poems
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Love Confession Poems
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Valentine Verses
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Engagement Poems
Engagement Poems
Anniversary Poems
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Baby Poems
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Friendship Poems
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Congratulation Poems
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New Home Congratulations
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Thank You Poems
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Birthday Poems
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Birthday Poems for Sister
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Christmas Poems
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Children Christmas Poems
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